Mikee Federizo

Writer, Editor, Creative Director

Mikee Federizo is a creative and an entrepreneur who is passionate about doing things that inspire her. Despite her crazy schedule (you should see her colorful google calendar), she makes sure to keep herself grounded through meditation, yoga, reading and writing. Mikee BC (before covid) also loves to sky dive, scuba dive and travel… and hoping to do all of these soon once safe again.

Arli Pagaduan

Writer, Editor

Arli Pagaduan wants to be a cat when she grows up. But before that happens, she will write and draw stories that make people feel something, cook and try good food, learn more about the environment and humanity’s connection to it, read books, run regularly, play RPG, try to be a better version of herself, and maybe—just maybe—be the voice behind a cartoon character.

Cathy Calzar

Writer, Fact-Checker

Cathy Calzar is a registered pharmacist currently practicing in regulatory affairs. She keeps in touch with her artistic side through her various hobbies like journaling, writing, painting, and upcycling thrifted clothes. When she’s not cozied up in her room with a cup of coffee and her journal, you can find her biking or walking around their village with her toy poodle, Scruple, or doing experiments in her “food lab” a.k.a. the kitchen.

Mich Bernardino


Mich Bernardino a zennial writer who was born nothing and turning herself into something. Reading books is her way to escape from reality, listening to music is like talking to a best friend that can relate to what she feels, cooking new recipes she finds on Tiktok and making her family try it is how she bonds with them, and watching anime is her past time (and she’s even had multiple 2D husbands!) She loves to share about her experience and observation in almost everything. And most especially, she loves to do crazy things.

Jay Fetalino

Web Designer

Jay Oliver Fetalino, Fets for short, does his best every single day whether it’s in designing, developing, or maintaining a website or playing Valorant at night. He likes to take road trips with friends (when times were safer), travel to new places, listen to post-rock music and OPM (his top 3 bands are Ben & Ben, Industries of the Blind, and Hammock), watch anime, read manga, and eat delicious food. Always sporting a bright smile and ever the courteous guy, he strives to spread good vibes to the people around him.


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