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5 Online Healthy Groceries That Deliver in Metro Manila

Plus our recommendations from each!

It used to be difficult to find groceries and supermarkets that offer healthy food and pantry essentials, let alone ones that deliver. However, thanks to the increasing market awareness and demand, these healthy items are now available.

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or just want healthier options to your favorite food and grocery, here are some of the best groceries in Metro Manila where you can shop online:

1. The Green Grocer Manila

The Green Grocer is Manila’s first home delivery service of organic produce, grass-fed and all natural meats, farm-direct dairy products, premium deli items, and other grocery necessities.

We recommend: tampeh (it’s hard to find good tampehs in Manila!), vegan cheese and dips

Vegan Cheese, Pepper Jack | P280

2. Rare Food Shop

Rare Food Shop is a one-stop grocery that caters to every individual’s unique food preferences from meat and seafood to dry goods and plant-based food. Vegans will also be delighted with their vegan wine, vegan chocolate, vegan Filipino food and vegan ice cream choices.

We recommend: vegan giniling and vegan crispy chicken patty

WTH Giniling / Ground Meat – Vegan 250g | P270

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3. The Superfood Grocer Philippines

Superfood Grocer offers plant-based alternatives that are kinder to the body, supportive of farmers, compassionate to animals, and gentler on the planet.

They are famous for their superfoods like pure spirulina, maca powder, chia seeds and have also come up with their own vegan ice cream called Super Scoops.

We recommend: dark chocolate vegan ice cream, superfoods

Choco Brownie Madness | P350

4. The Vegan Grocer Ph

The Vegan Grocer Ph offer vegan, plant-based, meat-free, dairy-free, and cholesterol-free products that ranges from breakfast food to superfoods to baking essentials to beverages.

We recommend: vegetable bouillon cubes, mushroom bagoong, vegan mayonnaise

TVG Garlicky Mushroom Bagoong | P188

5. Healthy Options

Healthy Options is the first and largest all-natural and organic products retailer in the Philippines since 1995, specializing in premium and natural food and health products. They have everything from beauty to supplements to groceries.

We recommend: their bundles so you can save alot!

Amazing Mommy Set | ₱2,495.00

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