Quarantine Workout Routine (with links!)

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Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what workouts I do at home, since I have been posting a lot of workout time-lapses in my IG stories @mikeefederizo (the crowd-favorites are the ones with my dogs).

Today, I thought I’d make a quick blog post, sharing all my workout routines as well as links to everything so that you can also do the same!

Light Workouts

Chloe Ting (YouTube)

CT is the first one I discovered in youtube. She creates fun, quick, and easy to follow workouts, each targetted whether it’s for cardio, arms or abs. Here are my favorite workouts from her that I did pretty much every day, especially during the first two weeks of the lockdown.

For cardio workout:

For body part-specific workouts:


Madfit (YouTube)

Madfit cardio workouts are for sure the most fun! She creates these one-song workouts that offers quick cardio, but still are quite difficult to do. Here are some of my favorites from her:

For cardio workouts:

For body part-specific workouts:


Yoga by Adriene

Once or twice a week, I like to do yoga to rest and reset my body. Adriene’s voice is really relaxing and her yoga workouts are great for beginners! Check out my favorites below:


Intense Workouts

Now, time to challenge ourselves!

After I got back into my rhythm of working out again and my body felt so much stronger,  that’s when I started looking into more intense workouts.

Insanity by Shaun T

I’ve actually done this workout before back when I was college and up to this day, this is still the toughest workout for me. I remember having the CD back then, but now I discovered that they’re offering this workout (and many more) at https://www.beachbodyondemand.com for a small subscription fee. The good news though is that they are offering 14-day free trial so you can try the workouts for free! Before deciding to sign up, you can watch a bit of a sneak peek here:

If you are ready for a next-level workout, go and sign up! I assure you you’ll find a workout program you would enjoy. As for me, I really signed up because of Insanity. If you would like to try it too, here are my favorite ones:

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 6.24.57 PM.png


Barre Blend

If Insanity is too much for you (which, honestly, it was also too much for me to do everyday), here’s another fun workout I discovered in https://www.beachbodyondemand.com 

Barre Blend is a low-intensity but high-impact workout that uses ballet + pilates + cardio for a full body workout. If you are looking into trying it, here’s a short trailer:

Good news also, they actually posted the first sample workout in Youtube. I 100% recommend you to try it!!


Workout Schedule

If you are serious about working out, a schedule is a must. Make sure to write it in your calendar so you can look forward to it!

Here I created 2 workout schedules you can follow (based on what I’ve done this past 6 weeks)

Beginners workout:
  • Monday – 1 yoga workout + 2 body part-focused CT workouts
  • Tuesday – 2 cardio Madfit workouts + 1 body part-focused CT workout
  • Wednesday – 1 cardio CT workout + 1 body part-focused CT workout
  • Thursday – REST DAY
  • Friday – 2 cardio Madfit workouts + 2 body part-focused CT workout
  • Saturday – 1 yoga workout
  • Sunday – REST DAY
Next-level workout:
  • Monday – 1 yoga workout + 1 Barre Blend workout
  • Tuesday – 1 Insanity workout + 1 body part-focused CT workouts
  • Wednesday – 1 cardio CT workout + 3 body part-focused CT workout
  • Thursday – REST DAY
  • Friday – 1 yoga workout + 1 Barre Blend workout
  • Saturday – 3 cardio Madfit workouts (fun!)
  • Sunday – Optional REST DAY or 2 body part-focused CT workouts