LineaOrganica 2019 Recap ⚡

Another year, another recap!

This is one of my favorite times at the beginning of the year when I get to pause and reflect to see where the previous year took us. I hope I continue to do this every year until someone else does it for me (maybe in 70 years, when I cannot type anymore :p). This time I will not make it by month but instead, I would like to highlight some events and special projects we accomplished this year.


This year we partnered with Rated K to do 2 mini-features of one of our products, Shaoyun Psoriasis Cream. Our first project is “Oplan Bilis Ginhawa Laban sa Psoriasis at Eczema”. We reached out to a community in Batangas, wherein we went on a medical mission to help those with skin concerns.


We also worked on another project, this time helping a young girl named Rochelle, who has a unique skin problem. We invited her to the LineaOrganica shop to have her skin checked and analyzed, and do hair and skin treatment specially made for those with extremely dry skin. Before she came to the shop, she was frowning and in a bad mood because her skin was so itchy. We were pleased to see that after her treatments, her face lit up and she became a bubbly kid running around. 




This by far is my favorite campaign that we have done. Around June, we invited the Carlos family to have a small photoshoot with us as our new brand ambassadors (read about the full backstory here) A day before the shoot, I came up with an idea to shoot a  candid video asking them 2 simple questions — 1) Who inspires you? and 2) How do you inspire others?

The video was truly heartwarming and after watching the outcome, I came up with another idea to do a giveaway, but to have the participants answer the same questions I asked our models above. 

The result was overwhelming. We read hundreds of inspiring stories about moms, dads, lolos, lolas, sisters, sons, daughters, teachers, students, doctors, and many more. Some made us laugh but most made us tear up. Truly, it was inspiring.



Ride Rev is one of the premier cycling studios here in Manila. We received an invitation to sponsor their Pride Week and we were happy to! It was a week-long activity, wherein we gave away LineaOrganica loot bags to riders. We also had mini activities and games wherein winners won full-sized products.



Koru is a beautiful athleisure brand that is made by my friend Kar. We partnered to have a joint social media giveaway together, wherein the winners will receive both Koru and LineaOrganica products. We did the giveaway through Instagram and we were pleased to see that so many people joined! I was also excited because this is my first collaboration with a friend, and I hope we get to do this more often!

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 12.55.45 PM.png


Last August, we got to officially launch Radico to the media through an intimate event. The owners of Radico, Mr. Sanjeev and Radha, flew in from India to help us launch and we also invited His Excellency Jaideep Mazumdar Ambassador of India to the Philippines, and Mr. Mahendra S. Patiyal, First Secretary for Commerce, Embassy of India in Manila to join as well.

convert_Rad_9_with-watermark.jpgconvert_Rad_5_with-watermark.jpgconvert_Rad_8_with-watermark.jpg helped us cover the event, and you may read the article here. Our team also created a highlights video that you may watch below:


This year was the year we started to focus on our distribution brands such as Radico. We were blessed to close a deal with Mercury Drug, one of the Philippines’ leading drugstores. Initially, we were supposed to distribute in Metro Manila only but to our surprise, Mercury distributed us nationwide! It is such a blessing to be able to reach even those that live in Visayas and Mindanao, as some of our online customers are from the provinces. 




As part of our marketing efforts for Radico, we also got to put up our first ever billboard and bus ads! I modeled it with my mom, since we have been long-time users of Radico and we can really say that our hair is forever changed because of it. Watch our story below: 


Last but not least, our retail shops officially turned 1 year old this year! Time flies so fast. Last year during my recap, I was just sharing about our retail shop openings and now we are already 1 year down! We celebrated our birthday by having a flash sale of up to 70% off on items, as a way of saying thank you to our customers who have been loyal, some even coming in every month to have their treatments. We are also looking forward to serving more customers this year!




And that’s a wrap! I am so thankful for all the opportunities and exciting adventures we had in 2019, and I am grateful for all the lessons that I’m bringing into 2020. 

Our LineaOrganica word of the year is #THRIVE2020. This year, we are looking forward to thriving daily, to do more and achieve more!