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LineaOrganica 2018 Recap

Is it me or is 2019 going by SO QUICKLY?? I planned to do this blog post earlier and I had just now realized that it’s almost the end of January… can 2019 please slow down? :p

2018 was a great year for LineaOrganica. It was our first official year as a startup, and many events happened throughout the year that was monumental for our company. In this post, I would like to share a quick recap of everything that happened:


We kicked off the year with a fun photoshoot. We introduced the #LineaSquad, which is a group of girls that I pooled, who are confident in themselves, their line of work, and in using organic products. It was so much fun because I got to work with friends, so it didn’t feel like work at all!


This was the month that we started working on our retail stores. It was a crazy process because I had a clear picture in my mind on how I wanted the retail shops to look like, so finding a designer who was able to translate my vision into paper was quite difficult.

This month, I was also able to work with a family friend who is a TV director, and we did a chroma (green screen) shoot for Linea. Again, I gathered my friends and did a whole day shoot and it was so much fun!

Right after the shoot, we had our first event for the year, which was at the North Polo Club, owned by our good family friends, the Eusebio’s. They held a Polo Cup, and Linea was able to put up a booth to showcase our products.




We started my birthday month with one of our partners, bSoul, visiting us here in Manila. Husband and wife Claudio and Martina flew in the first week of March to train our staff about the bSoul products and the techniques they use for their services. bSoul is an Italian luxury line that is all-natural, and their products focus on reviving the physiological functions of the skin. This means that it doesn’t just solve skin problems (such as acne or aging), but actually target the root cause of the problems (such as hydration or pH problem) so that it will never come back again. I personally vouch for this brand that’s why I was excited to plan a big launch event for them months after their visit.

April – May

The next two months were the craziest months this year because it was when we were on the final steps of opening our Flagship Store at S Maison Conrad. The months and months of hard work, sleepless nights, deciding on every little detail in the shop, blood, sweat and tears — all paid off when we finally launched our retail shop on May 29. It was a great event because we were able to gather media, influencers, and of course, our family and friends, to celebrate this exciting day for us.




As soon as we finished launching our flagship store, we immediately started on working on our 2nd branch, at Vertis North. It was round 2 of everything, so it was a little bit easier, because we had some of the stuff figured out already. However, it was another challenge because it wasn’t just a complete carbon copy of the shop, so there were still many details that we had to decide on.


In July, our partner bSoul returned to Manila to help us publicly introduce the brand in an influencer event. We held it at a ballroom at Conrad Hotel, and it was great to be able to share what the bSoul line is all about. Everyone went home with the bSoul starter kit — 2 of the bestselling products of bSoul — the Hydra Milk Cleanser and Hydra Comfort Moisturizer. To those who haven’t tried this combo for their face, try it here!



This month, we launched another partner brand called Shaoyun, which is a premium organic line from Germany, which focuses more on special skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and other autoimmune skin diseases. We are very passionate about this brand because we found out that there are over 2 million Filipinos affected by Psoriasis (source: PhilStar.com). During their visit, we also did a big event with the owners Shaoyun and Daniel, held in our flagship store in S Maison, wherein we invited those affected with Psoriasis, for a free consultation and PS03 sample.



In September, we joined the Wedding Expo at SMX, to introduce our treatment services that are perfect for bride-to-bes. We offer everything from facials (more so to treat skin problems), to body treatments (such as detox, to help lose pounds in a non-invasive way), and hair treatments.

Wedding Expo 4.jpgWedding Expo1.jpgwedding expo


This month was another monumental month for 2018 because we launched our 2nd branch at Vertis North! We are blessed to be able to do this just a few short months after launching our 1st branch. The Vertis branch is a mini-version of our flagship store, but still complete with our retail setup, as well as our service setup for hair, face and body.



November was our last hurrah for our events, and the busiest for our marketing team (hi guys), because we did back to back events. First was the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS) event at Shangrila Edsa, wherein we introduce Shaoyun and Radico to the dermas.


The second event we joined was the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society (POGS) convention at PICC, which we are joining for the second year round. Both events were a success, becayse we are able to slowly introduce LineaOrganica to the doctors, so that they can start recommending it to their patients as well.



Finally, December! To celebrate our first year, we did our First Christmas Mega Sale, wherein all items and services were discounted, some up to 70% off. It was a great end to the year!

Wow, listing down the months like this makes it look like 2018 went by really fast, and yet there were so many events that happened in between that was really huge for our company. Truly, we are beyond thankful for everything. I’d like to thank the Linea family for working hard and helping us have a great year, and of course, everyone who has supported our baby company in one way or another whether its by buying our products, trying our services, visiting our shops, attending our events, or even just liking and sharing our posts on social media.

Adios 2018, and we are ready for you, 2019!!

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