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Eye of Horus Natural Makeup Review

Growing up, I’ve always loved beauty brands and up until today, I’m always exploring new products. From reading blogs to watching youtube videos, I knew where to get the best foundations (Dior), concealers (Nars), blushes & bronzers (Benefit), highlighters (Becca), lipsticks (Mac) and so on! In fact, I have a whole make up collection full of mid to high-end brands that I have been collecting since I was about 16.


Now that I got into the organic lifestyle, I made a big decision of dumping my whole collection. YES, IT’S TRUE. I didn’t throw away everything, of course, but I exchanged all my current products for natural or organic ones. As a certified organicaholic, I’ve found amazing brands for skincare, hair, body and even special lines for moms and babies, but  I’d have to say, finding a natural/ organic cosmetics line is probably the hardest.

Little by little, I’m now starting to discover natural make up brands, and one of them is Eye of Horus from Australia. I made a blog post when I attended their product launch here in the Philippines and I promised I would write a review of their products, but I wanted to test the products first and use them every day before I could write an honest review. After using them for about a month now, here’s what I think about their products:



BIO Mascara

This is the newest product that they launched last November 2017, and was the very first product that I tried from the line. My first impression was that, the mascara wand felt unfamiliar. It was long and curved like a C, so I had to be careful when applying it because it could easily go into my lids. As for the formulation, it is more on the wet side, which I didn’t like at first but eventually got to appreciate because it was easy to layer. I love to use this mascara for lifting my lashes and then I layer the Goddess Mascara on top of it.


Goddess Mascara

Speaking of, the Goddess Mascara is probably my favorite makeup find so far. I’m a mascara girl and I love to wear it all day but I hate when they budge and transfer to the area around the eyes, making me look like I have panda eyes. Eye of Horus promised that their Goddess Mascara would last all day without budging and I’d have to say — its 100% true! I apply it once in the morning and I don’t have to worry about it anymore for the whole day. As I mentioned earlier, I layer the BIO mascara then put the Goddess mascara on top. This is the best mascara combo I’ve ever tried!

PS. Removing it at the end of the day is super easy as well. Bonus points for that 🙂

Liquid Define Eyeliner


I’m not a fan of liquid eyeliners because they usually transfer to my lids easily. I was surprised when I used their eyeliner and it didn’t budge at all. I was definitely in shock but I was soo happy about it! It made me enjoy and appreciate wearing eyeliner every day, however, I stopped doing this because it takes me forever to get the line perfect :p But, the Liquid Define Eyeliner is for sure my go-to liner when I have an event or need to attend an important meeting and I have to look extra awake.

Sheba Mystical Goddess Eyeshadow Palette


When I was searching for natural/organic eyeshadows in the market, I didn’t like the ones that I found. It was either because I hated the formulation, or I didn’t like the color options as they were usually bright colors. When I first tried this eyeshadow palette, the first thing I thought was, wait — is this really natural? First of all, they did a great job at choosing the colors that go together in a palette. Second, I love how the formulation makes it really easy to apply and blend. Third, they actually last all day as well! They have 4 palettes so I will definitely have to try the other 3 in the near future so I can wear more eye looks!

BIO Lipstick


I’m not kidding when I say that THESE ARE THE ONLY LIPSTICKS I USE NOW. I own 2 out of 6 shades so far – Plum and Honey. The formulation, the color payoff, and the product feel make it a 10/10 for me. I’m very picky about lip products because I don’t like matte (it makes my lips dry) and I don’t like glosses either (it makes my lips feel sticky) so it’s really hard to please me with the formulation. Thank goodness I found these BIO lipsticks and I really hope they come up with more shades because I’m for sure gonna hoard them all!

IMG_1368.jpgOf course, different products will work for different skin types. I’m glad I found a new natural brand that is high quality and really performs. All Eye of Horus products are available at www.glamourbox.ph 🙂

Please let me know if you have other suggestions for natural makeup brands and I would love to try them as well! x

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    1. Yes I’ve discovered 100% organic brands as well like Inika & Naturaverde. I’ll do a blogpost about them when I’ve tried their products long enough 🙂

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