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Eye of Horus BIO Makeup Launch

Last November 18, 2017, I was invited to attend the Eye of Horus Bio Range launch, hosted by GlamourboxPH. It was an intimate VIP event held at Bondi & Bourke, Makati wherein we got to meet the owners of Eye of Horus and get to know their products.

Holly and Heather, owners of Eye of Horus

Organicaholic Mikee FederizoWith Lia, Glamourbox owner and Heather, Eye of Horus owner

Eye of Horus is an Australian beauty brand that took its inspiration from the Egyptians’ eye makeup. They focus on creating cosmetics that have high-quality natural ingredients, without sacrificing the performance. I truly appreciate this because as a certified organicaholic, I have found it really difficult to find organic/ natural make up that works great. I used to have very limited options but now that I’m discovering new brands like Eye of Horus, I can expand my make up collection again! šŸ™‚

IMG_1343.jpgIMG_1338.jpgTheir bestseller is the Goddess Mascara, which contains organic moringa oil and beeswax, that they say is life-changing because once you put it on, you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day. You can swim, go to the gym, hike a mountain and it will not budge. Crazy! They also have a lot of products like this, like the eyeliners and eye pencils.

Finally, what I’m most excited about — the BIO RANGE!

They released a BIO Mascara in Black, which is 100% vegan and 98% organic. It contains awesome ingredients like Marine Algae and plant-derived Collagen, which helps in lash lifting and lengthening. It also contains Vitamin E and Castor Seed Oil, so the mascara is not drying at all. I have personally used this mascara and the effect is amazing! Just like the Goddess Mascara, I only had to apply it in the morning and didn’t have to worry about it all day.


Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 3.03.38 PM.png
Photo from @eyeofhorusph instagram

In this particular VIP event, they launchedĀ their new BIO Lipsticks that come in 6 shades – pink, rose, nude, honey, plum and peach. Everyone’s favorite was plum but I’d have to say, I’m inlove with the whole range! They are all wearable colors and they apply so easily. They also glide on so smooth when you apply it, almost making it feel like you’reĀ just applying lip balm. They contain Sunflower, Castor and Olive oils, and Vitamin C.


IMG_20171119_074425_520 (2).jpg
Low-quality iPhone pic but I had to give my girl Rae a shoutout for introducing Glamourbox to me!

We all received a goodie box which contained the BIO Mascara, Liquid Define Eyeliner, Brow Fibre Extend and Eye Shadow palette. They also allowed us to snatch 1 BIO Lipstick each, and I was lucky to get the plum shade :p

Overall, I really enjoyed getting to know their products and I can’t wait to try the whole range. It was also lovely meeting Lia, CEO of Glamourbox as well as Holly and Heather, owners of Eye of Horus. It’s really amazing when you meet other people that have the same passion for natural cosmetics and get to hear their stories.

PS. Watch out for my next blog post for an in-depth review of Eye of Horus products.

PPS. All Eye of Horus products are available at glamourbox.phĀ šŸ™‚

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