My Organic Hair Care Routine

I am pleased to do this blog post in collaboration with Saule, aka Tales of a Salad. She has an awesome blog about health, travel and art. We are joining forces to write about self-care routines–I am going to be sharing my hair care routine, while she shares her skin care routine. Please give her some love by visiting and following her blog! 🙂

My Organic Hair Care Routine


Shampoo, Conditioner

Naturaverde Organic Shampoo and Conditioner

You can’t imagine how long it took me to find organic shampoo and conditioner that actually works. Most of the ones I’ve tried feel stiff on the hair, dry it out, and make it very tangly that it’s difficult to comb my hair after showering. Thankfully I’ve found my perfect duo–Naturaverde Daily Shampoo and Conditioner from Italy. These make my hair soft and shiny. I also don’t have problems combing my hair, and I noticed that I get less hair fall. (Fact: 50 to 100 hair falls a day is normal, beyond that, there is a problem) 

Hair Oil

Naturaverde Organic Hair Oil

This Naturaverde Revitalizing Hair Oil works perfectly with the Daily Shampoo and Conditioner. I only apply it on the ends of my hair, because our scalp already produces natural oils, so putting hair oil from your scalp to the tips will make it look greasy. I use a hair oil on my damp hair and I let it air dry–I don’t blow-dry my hair, to reduce damage.

Hair Mask

Iva Natura Organic Hair Mask

Every week, I treat my hair with a mask. This Iva Natura Nourishing Hair Mask from Turkey is so great because it makes your hair super soft after using it. It works wonders on my hair because I don’t even need to comb it out after getting out of the shower. It feeds my hair with so many good ingredients such as Olive Fruit Oil, Rose Flower Water, Laurel Leaf Extract, Thyme Extract and much more.

Hair Color

Radico Organic Hair Color

And finally, my ultimate obsession, Radico Hair Color from India! These are 100% made of organic and natural herbs. I know it’s hard to believe that this is possible but I swear, my life changed when I discovered this. What’s great about this hair color is that its ingredients (like Henna, Amla, Shikakai powder, to name a few) have hair treatment properties. Ultimately, it doesn’t just color your hair–it treats it and restores it. More info on this on a separate blog post. I’m also working on a video to show how I color my hair at home.

 I am on a mission to restore my hair to its original healthy state. Here’s a sneak peek of how switching to organic hair products has improved the health of my hair a lot. My hair is now straighter, shinier and in a single color.