Nailganic Lounge: Organic Nail Spa

Living in Manila, it is so challenging to find services that use organic products. That’s why I was so happy (and intrigued) when I passed by Nailganic Lounge and didn’t think twice about trying their services.

For my very first #OrganicaholicReview, I present:

NailGanic Lounge – Organic Nail Spa

NailGanic Organic Nail Spa

Nailganic Organic Nail Spa


When you first enter the lounge, you will immediately feel relaxed. It is not overly crowded, unlike other nail spas, so the atmosphere is very calm and quiet. Most of the ladies who were getting their service done were either reading something on their phone or just sitting quietly, which is great because I’m looking for cozy nail spas not just to get services done, but also to unwind.


NailGanic Organic Nail Spa



While they have the basic services most nail salons offer such as manicure, pedicure, hand spa and foot spa, they also have special services like soy candle massage (using a non-GMO, 100% hemp and lead-free wicks that melt and turns into massage oil), organic balancing wrap (2 part system: hot towel wrap and massage), and other treatments for your nails.

What caught my eye was their unique service called “Slow Beauty: Complete Spa Treatment Ritual” which comes in 4 different packages:

  1. Close Your Eyes (calming and soothing) – soak, scrub, massage and spa treatment using bath salts, soak tonic, sugar scrub, body oil, body lotion, and mist
  2. Instinctual (energizing and warming) – soak, scrub, massage and spa treatment using bath salts, sand scrub, scrub mask, clay mask, body oil, body lotion, and mist
  3. Look Inside (healing and rejuvenating) – soak, scrub, massage and spa treatment using bath salts, scrub mask, massage creme, body lotion, and mist
  4. Infinitely Loving (settling and restoring) – soak, scrub, massage and spa treatment using bath salts, soak tonic, sugar scrub, body oil, body lotion, and body butter

I was told their bestseller is the Instinctual hand spa with a manicure, so that’s what I decided to go for.

NailGanic Organic Nail Spa
Upper left – Sand Scrub; Lower left – Body Lotion with Body Oil; Upper right – Scrub Mask; Lower right – Clay mask

The lady first removed my existing nail polish before she began the hand spa. To get started, she used the sand scrub and scrub mask to help take away dead skin cells, followed by applying the clay mask (with a bit of body oil–to help it stick to the skin) and left that to dry as she proceeded with the manicure. What I liked was that they use a new set of sanitized tools each time, and there aren’t many nail spas that do this. After she finished the manicure, she went back and washed off the clay mask, and then gave me a whole arm and hand massage. Finally, she painted my nails with my desired polish color.


Clay mask applied




I noticed they use mostly Sparitual products, which is an American company that is proudly vegan and cruelty-free. They use certified organic ingredients in their formulations as much as possible, and these certified organic plants are grown without herbicides, pesticides or GMO’s. The nail polishes are free of DBP (Dibutyl phthalate–used as plasticizer), toluene, camphor, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin.

Sparitual Nail Polishes – Blues


Sparitual Hand and Foot Care products


Sparitual Soy Candle


They also use a line of gel nail polishes from the company Bio Seaweed Gel, a Canadian company that produces a “healthier gel”, producing gel polishes that are free from formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA or solvents. These are all made in the US.

Bio Seaweed Gel – Gel Nail Polish



Their prices are mid to high range. The cheapest is a basic manicure (P350), and the most expensive is gel polish manicure and pedicure + classic manicure and pedicure (P2,050). Their hand spa with manicure ranges from P880 to P1,080, while their foot spa with pedicure ranges from P930 to P1,130.

Overall, I really enjoyed my visit and would definitely come back. I do recommend you to try it, not just for the services but the products they use were of great quality as well.

NailGanic Lounge Organic Nail Spa

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